Manufacturing companies are at cross roads. They need engineers who can solve the problems and come with innovative solutions to the challenges faced by them. Student Engineers, who will graduate in future are expected to have competencies in the areas of Systems Thinking, Problem Solving, Codes & Standards, and Project Management.

Engineering Internship- Roller Coaster will focus on building as well as applying these skills in real life in two-fold.

  • Engineering Design (ED) Internship (Learn)
  • Engineering Design (ED) Challenge (Apply)

This road-map of work was designed as an answer for the questioning that is faced by the students to meet with the requirements of the industry.

Through this Engineering Internship the students will gain practical experience and create portfolio to demonstrate their skills and competencies

  • Students will design, build and test their own small-scale model roller coasters using Roller Coaster kit provided. They will explore the basic principles of roller coasters which are essential to the design. During the design of model roller coasters, students understand the issues which are encountered in the real-world. In order to build working roller coasters, Engineering Intern must recognize the constraints placed on their designs based on the fundamental laws of physics.
  • Engineering Intern will develop paper prototype with kit and generate data by Design of Experiments to gain insights to build the prototype. Intern will create Digital prototype using the Matlab Simulink models.