About National Level Competition on Reverse Engineering

National level Competition on Reverse Engineering is launched with objective to make engineering students to become an industry ready engineers by introducing Reverse Engineering as knowledge building tool.

It has been designed to provide exposure to the kind of situations that engineers face in their real-life environment in their Working Eco system

By participating in the Event, Students also get to know the Industry Trends and will come into connect with Industry Experts during the Training.

Also Participants will gain rich technical and soft skills through every process of event

A. Stages of Event

  • Preliminary (Training : Less than 10 Parts)
  • Final (Competition : Less than 200 Parts)

B. Deliverables

  • Part Free Hand Sketch (PFHS)
  • Assembly Free Hand Sketch (AFHS)
  • Bill of Material (BOM)
  • 3D Part Model (3DPM)
  • 2D Part Drawing (2DPD)
  • 3D Assembly Model (3DAM)
  • 2D Assembly Drawing (2DAD)
  • Data Sheet for Order To Specification (DSO)
  • Part Interface Matrix (PIM)
  • Inspection Sheet (ISH)
  • Process Sheet (PSH)
  • Free Body Diagram (FBD)
  • Design Calculation (DCA)
  • Selection Calculation (SCA)
  • Functional Requirements (FRS)
  • Design FMEA (DFMEA)
  • 2D Layout Drawing (2DLD)
  • Product Assembly Manual (PAM)
  • Product Usage Manual (PUM)
  • Project GANT
  • System Engineering Report (SER)
  • Function Structure
  • Sub Function vs Solution Principles
  • Concept Variant
  • Concept Selection

C. Event Calendar

  • Start Date: 01-06-2022
  • Finish Date: 30-11-2022

D. Team Size

  • 10 (UG Mechanical stream students)

E. Team Registration Fee

  • Rs. 11800 Per Team( Inclusive of tax )

F. Training duration

  • 25 x 4 (2+2) = 100 Hours