With Make in India initiative, there is a need for original product design and development efforts. Designers should know available materials, their input forms, and manufacturing processes. Understanding of materials and their behaviour is based on the structure-property-performance-process relation. Selecting the right material and their manufacturing processing during design is a critical skill for today’s engineers and designers.

The National Level Material Selection Competition (NLC-MS) has been developed with the following objectives:

  • Understand the importance of the properties of materials in engineering design.
  • Identify and select the best performing materials for a given application using material property chart.


Unique Features

  • Learning by Observe and Discover methodology.
  • Design driven approach.
  • Exercise with solved and practice problems, case studies, pre and posttest.

Students will learn about the

  • Materials in Design
  • Material Classification
  • Material Properties and Testing
  • Basic Material Selection
  • Material Property Charts
  • Materials Selection  with Case Studies


Knowledge and Understanding Classification of materials

Structure and Properties of Materials

Skills and Abilities Read, interpret and plot the material property charts

Select the right choice of material for a given application

Values and Attitudes Appreciation of Structure, Property and Processing relationship

The Learning Outcomes are based on a taxonomy of knowledge and understanding as the basis, skills and abilities as necessary for the practical use of knowledge and understanding, followed by acquired values and attitudes enabling assessments and responsible use of these abilities. Combined with a suitable assessment, they should be helpful in the context of accreditations.