The competitions are designed in a such a way that the SAE member’s professional experience is enhanced and they can exhibit their talent / skill. These competitions organized by SAEINDIA Southern Section is unique of its kind.

The first such competition is the one, where the members can show-case their design skills through Computer Aided Design. Apart from the professional engagement, this competitions will also serve the members to exhibit their competency from the conceptualization of the design, actual design (through a systematic approach) with the verification reports, detailed drawing approach.

The team can consist 2 SAE members to participate in the competition. Apart from providing the basic design, the members will also be provided with components for them to measure and conceptualize the design. The members can then take up the assembly of components and prepare the assembly drawing.

During the registration, we request you to provide the details of the CAD software that will be used for the competition.

We are sure this will provide the members an excellent opportunity to get involved in the SAE activities and improve their proficiency.