About National Level Competition on Embedded Systems

National Level Competition on Embedded Systems

SAEISS is conducting a National Level Competition on Embedded Systems to develop Competency and interest in embedded systems among undergraduate’s students. The Competition highlight the excellence in students completing their major individual projects on embedded systems and enable understanding of how to design, develop and architect and implement future complex embedded systems that industry is looking.

In this Competition, undergraduate students across the PAN India compete head-to-head to build innovative designs while cultivating innovation, teamwork and hands-on engineering experience. Projects are based on the latest industry needs.


The National competition is open to engineering undergraduates studying in colleges and universities in any branch and looking forward to enhancing the skills and competency in embedded systems.

This event is designed to help the engineering students to become industry ready engineers.

Participants will be trained on 10 skills for 100 hours with 30 Tutorials and 40 Exercises. The training will be provided by Industry experts

BENEFITS for Students and Industry Volunteers

At SAEISS we believe that strong links with the academic and industry world provide multi-faceted benefits to everyone involved – an opportunity for students to learn about and use state-of-the-art commercial products, an opportunity for Industry to stay abreast of the latest academic developments in many related relevant fields, and the ability for us all to advance our industry together.