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  • Free subscription to one SAE International magazine
  • Access to all on-line magazines of SAE International
  • Free admission to meetings and networking events
  • Free admission to SAE International conferences
  • Discounted rates for
    • Toptech Training Programs
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Professional Membership

Annual membership fee:

For young engineers (age below 28 years) & teaching faculty irrespective of age Rs.1100/- + Rs.198/- (18 % GST) = Rs.1298/-

For others (age 28 years and above) Rs.1400/- + Rs.252/- (18%GST) = Rs.1652/-

Professional Membership

Student Membership


Applicants must be college/university students pursuing studies leading to any bachelor, masters, or doctoral degree. They may be in any year or semester of the course.

SAEINDIA membership is not open to high school students and diploma students.

A student can become a member even if there is no collegiate club in his/her college.

Membership fee

The details of revised subscription including service tax under all categories are given below.

Students Scheme:

4+1 – 1st Year Student 400 x 4 + 500 = Rs.2100/- + Rs.378/- = Rs.2478/-
3+1 – 2nd Year Student 400 x 3 + 600 = Rs.1800/- + Rs.324/- = Rs.2124/-
2+1 – 3rd Year Student 400 x 2 + 700 = Rs.1500/- + Rs.270/- = Rs.1770/-
1+1 – 4th Year Student 400 x 1 + 800 = Rs.1200/- + Rs.216/-  = Rs.1416/-
Annual Membership 400 x 1 + Rs.72/-  = Rs.472/-

Student Membership Application Form


Dear Sir,

Warm Greetings from SAEINDIA !!

Click this link to login to your SAEINDIA account and pay the dues to avail the following member benefits.



Directly pay the dues in the below payment link and share the transaction details to us.


Member Benefits

SAEINDIA Digital Library: Access to any SAE Paper at SAEINDIA HQ free of cost.

Access to SAE Mobilus https://saemobilus.sae.org

Networking with professionals of automotive industry Discounts on National and International events conducted by SAE.

Free lecture meetings for industry & academia members.

Access to SAE MyTechZone Access 1,02,000+ technical papers and journal articles.

Subscription to Mobility Engineering magazine

If you have already paid the subscription, please let us know the date of payment and DD or cheque number / online transfer details to enable us to verify our records. If you already renewed your membership, kindly ignore this e-mail reminder.

We hope Members can see the value being provided for Knowledge Up gradation, Engagement and renew their membership,

Annual Membership Charges: (Valid from the month of receipt of payment) – 12 months

Members below 28yrs- Rs.1298/- (incl. 18% GST)

28 and above – Rs.1652/- (incl. 18/% GST)

  Faculty members  – Rs.1298/- (incl. 18% tax irrespective of age)    

10 yr Professional Membership – Rs.11800/- (incl. 18% GST)

Renewal Application Form

Open Collegiate Club Details

Brief details about opening Collegiate Club


  • Minimum of 50 students is required to start a club. There is NO upper limit. Some Clubs have more than 500 student members.
  • Two faculty members must come forward to work as FACULTY ADVISERS. They also must join SAEINDIA as members.
  • Each student pays Rs.472/- as the annual Membership fee. SUPRA, BAJA, participating students should pay the fee as per their year of study as given below.
Membership Amount GST 18 % Total
4 + 1 1st Year Student 2100 378 2478
3 + 1 2nd Year Student 1800 324 2124
2 + 1 3rd Year Student 1500 270 1770
1 +1 4th Year Student 1200 216 1416
1 Year Annual Students 400 72 472
For Faculty Members
1 Yr Faculty Annual Fee 1100 198 1298
10 Yrs Faculty 10 Yr Fee 10000 180 11800
  • Students who wish to take part in SUPRA, BAJA should compulsorily take +1 membership according on their year of study. Remaining students can take annual membership. Club membership is mandatory for SUPRA and BAJA participation.
  • Membership for students always start on 1st April and lasts till 31st March irrespective of the date of commencement.
  • Fill the attached excel sheet (Only for students) and send to studentactivities@saeiss.org with the details of the payment. Excel sheet can be downloaded in our website.
  • Each Faculty member pays an annual fee of Rs.1298/- Their membership is a rolling membership of 12 months form the date of commencement. Faculty membership is application form are attached.
  • Fee amount may be sent in a single Bank DD/ Cheque drawn in favour of SAEINDIA payable at Chennai. Online payment can also be done through https://www.payumoney.com/store/buy/saeindia-membership Transaction details are to be mailed along with excel and other application forms.
  • All application (Except excel sheet) and the DD to be sent to SAEINDIA Office at Chennai for Processing.
  • Processing time takes 30 working days. Membership card of faculties will be sent in 15 days. No cards will be issued to students members. They have download from their SAEINDIA profile. For all communication, faculty member of the respective club will be contacted.
  • Student user credentials for SAEINDIA & International along with membership number will be communicated to the individual through SMS and e-mail on their registered e-mail address and mobile number.


Important Note


  • All offline payments has to be informed to Section / SAEINDIA HQ member care team through mail with student info & fee break up details. Unless mailed,       payment cannot be identified & membership processed.
  • No payment be paid to SAEINDIA account without having proper member details in application form / excel sheet.
  • DD/Cheques sent to SAEINDIA without membership documents / application       form will be returned to the sender.
  • While making cash deposit to SAEINDIA account, respective person has to mention the college name and contact number in the description field.
  • Bulk payments can also be paid online in the below link. Payment reference number with excel sheet info has to be mailed.


  • If the membership is not activated, member will obtain a refund of the full amount under request. Once membership has been activated, no refund will be Dual membership for an individual leads to cancellation of recent       payment and will be refunded. Refund process takes 30 working days post       request received from the members.
  • To claim Collegiate Club reimbursement, fill the reimbursement from (to be downloaded from saeiss.org) and send it along with the first page copy of Club      account passbook and cancelled cheque leaf.
  • The reimbursement amount will be strictly sent only to: SAEINDIA Collegiate Club        (The collegiate club’s name) and a Bank account in such name should be      opened and operated by two faculty advisor.
  • The reimbursement shall not be made to any other account including that of the college and personal account.
  • If any collegiate club fails to claim the reimbursement within 1 year from the end of the relevant financial year, the amount outstanding shall be transferred to the section to which the collegiate club pertains for conducting student activities.      After   2 years the collegiate club to claim the amount form Sections.
  • Collegiate Club reimbursement can be claimed at the end of the financial year. After receiving the respective form & club account details, within 2 weeks’ time,   amount will be transferred through RTGS to the club Account.

For membership queries contact: studentactivities@saeiss.org / manager@saeiss.org

Tel : 044 – 42188651 / 652.


Free subscription to on-line magazines Automotive Engineering, Aerospace Engineering and Off-highway These award winning magazines key in on hot topics about ground vehicle and aircraft developments, providing members with a valuable resource to help keep pace with rapidly changing technology in the mobility industry.

Free admission to lecture meetings 
Members are allowed to attend the regular lecture programs. Industry and academic experts of international repute deliver these lectures.

Discounts on registrations for major SAE India meetings and exhibits
This unique SAE benefit puts members in touch with professional engineers and hardware suppliers who determine the future of expanding mobility industry worldwide.

This is a valuable educational placement resource.

Discounts on SAE technical papers and books including the SAE Handbook
These valuable rerch materials expand member’s technical expertise on a variety of mobility related topics.

Discounts on SAE India top-tech training programs
Student members get a handsome discount on fees for top-tech training programs. In most cases they pay just about half of the regular fee.

Free industry visits
Students are taken to the leading automotive companies. These visits give first-hand information about the industrial environment.

Priority project allocation for student projects
Automotive companies give preference for SAEINDIA student members in allocating industry projects and training.

Contacts and networking
Build friendships and future contacts with other engineering students and professionals from local SAEINDIA section, while participating in collegiate club programs and projects.

There are many scholarships to be won both at section level and national level. Student members are eligible to apply for some of the SAE International scholarship also.