KRT TREK is organized by SAEISS exclusively for SAEINDIA professional members of automobile fraternity and academic institutions. This TREK mainly focuses on to create a learning culture across professionals through professionals, learning the various activities of SAEINDIA Southern Section and identifying various opportunities for continuous growth of individual and organization etc., while enjoying the nature.

Senior automotive professionals, industry experts & management committee members participate in TREK and share their valuable experience being part of SAE to hone participant’s knowledge by generating more volunteers and leaders for the society and industry.

Industry experts and management committee participate in KRT Trek and share their valuable experience to hone participant’s skills and knowledge.

Benefits to participants

  • Networking with professionals of automotive industry
  • Opportunity to share domain expertise
  • Interaction with research scholars & teaching professionals of academic institutions
  • Improve competitiveness and overall smartness
  • Volunteering for SAEISS activities