Autonomous drones are unmanned aerial electronic machines that utilize artificial intelligence and computer vision for self-flying and aerial actions through integrated circuitry and programming in order to utilize technology for the betterment of humankind.

The competition is intended to provide Bachelor / Master / Diploma students with a real-life autonomous drone development challenge. Each team is required to conceive, design and develop a remotely piloted rotary wing drone and also the team must be able to navigate the drone autonomously for meeting the mission requirements.

The main purpose of the competitions is to develop a drone for carrying a medical parcel and autonomously deliver packages on designated areas and upon recognising humans where this operation will be executed as a part of search and rescue event.

The Competition also provides multiple opportunities for teams from all over India to showcase the extraordinary talents of engineering students while encouraging them to develop innovative ideas towards development of improved systems for autonomous drones.

There are two parts to each competition, each with their own series of events. These parts are known as Static and Dynamic Events. The events award the team points towards a grand total. The team with the greatest total wins the competition overall. Some events, such as tech inspection, award no points but are required in order to proceed to other events for safety reasons.