The National Level Engineering Design Competition (NLC-ED) equips students to both design complex systems and to evaluate their design’s performance using technical engineering skills. Students will learn about the design process including:

  1. Requirements Engineering
  2. Concept Design
  3. Embodiment Design
  4. Detail Design
  5. Proto Building
  6. Proto Testing
  7. Design Documentation

This NLC-ED is unique as it also teaches the technical evaluation skills based on theory, experimentation and computer modelling to determine the feasibility and performance of new products or to assess the performance of existing equipment. This is a technical engineering Competition based around solid mechanics principles which integrates advanced engineering techniques with hands-on-learning to provide a complementary blend of skills desired by employers. The SAEISS NLCs a vibrant environment to learn, we have 20 years of expertise in teaching engineering, access to facilities, strong links with industry.


  1. Requirements List / Product Design Specification
  2. Function Structure
  3. Sub Function vs Solution Principles
  4. Concept Variant
  5. Concept Testing
  6. Concept Selection
  7. Design / Selection Calculation
  8. 2D Layout
  9. 3D CAD Model
  10. 2D CAD Drawings
  11. Bill of Materials
  12. Prototype
  13. Prototype Test Report
  14. Project Report
  15. Project Presentation