Please note the following Key-points while submitting the abstract:

  • Abstract is a summary that states the objective of the paper/presentation, Tentative title, Name of the author and co-authors and all contact information and Selection of the most appropriate technical session should be entered in saemytechzone portal
  • Abstract should be limited to maximum 300 words as per SAE Standard Paper Guidelines. Refer General Author Resources for more details.
  • Author, Co-author and participants Full name (First name and Last name) should be entered without any initials. Ensure your personal information details updated correctly in your saemytechzone account information. For any assistance on updating the account details, please write to or
  • Publication type is limited to “Written and Oral presentation” and If your Manuscript is selected for Podium Time and you do not attend, your manuscript may not be eligible for publication.
  • Upon submission, you will receive an automatic reply with your paper offer number. If you do not receive a paper offer number at that point, please retry on-line submission or contact
  • Titles to abstracts should be in mixed case and not in all caps. All submissions that are in all caps, will be requested to change.
  • Do not complete copyright until closer to the final manuscript due date.
  • Author/Co-Author listing becomes locked once copyright is complete.

Please submit your manuscript in PDF format.

Below are links to the SAE technical paper template in both MSWord 2007 and 2003 along with some PDF help files on frequently asked questions, style guide, paper templates and other useful information that you will need when preparing your manuscript. The information is also found on the SAE Author Resources Webpage.

These links are: