About SAEISS Career Start 2023

In order to connect the Student members of SAE India Southern Section with the Automotive/related Industries, SAE India Southern Section is conducting an Off-Campus Graduate Recruitment Program called SAE ISS Career Start 2023. SAE India Southern Section Student Members with Valid SAE Membership as on the date of Registration process are eligible to participate in the program free of cost.

SAE India Southern Section will facilitate Off-Campus Graduate Recruitment Program. Companies can select Students from Final Year of Engineering Course for Jobs, while Third & Second Year Students can be selected for Summer Internships.

SAE student members will be benefited by receiving Job/ Internship offers. And Companies get Access to the Top talent pool in One Process. Thus Career Start serves as a great value addition to both Companies & Students

SAE ISS Career Start 2023 program provides a great opportunity for the Automotive Industry to Select young, dynamic and bright automotive brains from SAE India Southern Section- who are trained in Automotive Domain through several events organized by SAE India/SAE India Southern Section. Career Start 2023 gives Industry Unique Single window access to Top Trained Talent Pool of SAE India Student Members across several states in South India & reputed top ranking engineering colleges.

Comparison of Conventional College Placement Drives Vs. SAE ISS Career Start 2023 Off-Campus Graduate Recruitment Program is shown below.

The last Column Clearly lists the Advantages for Participating Companies in SAE ISS Career Start 2023

Comparison of
Conventional College Placement Drives
Vs. SAE ISS Career Start 2023 Off-Campus Graduate Recruitment Program

S.No Freshers Selection
Directly from Colleges
In Conventional College Placement Drives
Freshers Selection from
SAE ISS Career Start 2023
Key Advantages for Participating Companies at
SAE ISS Career Start 2023
1 Company has the tedious task of identifying  top Colleges to hire from Company  gets  access from a Single Source-
SAE ISS Career Start to reach out to most of the top ranking Colleges from a Single Source-
SAE ISS Career Start
Students available from Wide Spectrum of Top Colleges on Single Platform “SAE ISS Career Start”
2 Company has to incur lots of expenses to conduct  Hiring processes in Several Multiple Colleges Company has to pay very nominal fee, on case to case basis. Hence Hiring Expenses are saved. Saving on Hiring Costs
3 Quality of Students not guaranteed SAE Student members in the Colleges are the most Active Students who are trained to design, fabricate and test vehicles and in other Skillsets. Hence Quality of Students is very good and they are readily employable. Better Quality of Student Applicants
4 Entire Pool of Students are not offered to the Company Selection process as Job Holders are not allowed to appear for the Process.
It is even worse, if the Company visits the College at the end of Placement Season.
Students who got Single /Multiple Job Offers in College Campus Placements Can also Appear in Career Start without any restriction. Access to Full Talent Pool of Students irrespective of Status of Campus Job Offers
5 Many weeks/ months time is needed by the Company HR to visit several colleges. Career Start provides instant selections Savings on Time & effort on Hirings.
6 Colleges may not offer 2nd and 3rd year Students for Internships Career Start provides for Interns  selections from 2nd and 3rd year Students    . Ease of Interns Selection, who may be prospective hires for the company based on their performance review during Internship.