As you may be aware, SAEINDIA is the largest affiliate of SAE International which is a 112 years old society. Our vision is to advance mobility community to serve humanity. We are a knowledge based society providing life-long learning opportunities in the automotive field. We have program for practicing engineers, engineering college students and also for school children.

Our initiative is automotive student orientation program, aSOP. This program prepares engineering college students to excel in the industry by teaching an effective problem solving process through an innovative curriculum combining “instruct and demonstrate” and “observe and discover” methods involving industry and academia.

Now we have reached a level of maturity in course content and delivery mechanism that enables us to scale up this program. The aSOP curriculum is fully developed now and the course will be delivered through a well established learning management system (LMS). LMS enables us to deliver a significant portion of the program on line. On line delivery improves the learning experience of the students and minimizes the workload of the colleges and SAEINDIA in addition to improving the reach.